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Brave, Heroric, Fearless, Loyal About Stallant Group

Stallant group was created in order to bring professionalism, excellence and a presence to the security industry. Having been involved in the security industry for a number of years, whilst also speaking to a number of different security personnel, Stallant Group was created in order to bring excellence and create a company that people and companies could trust and rely on.

Stallant is a hybrid of the words Stalwart and Gallant. If you search the word Gallant, you will find the descriptions as ‘brave, heroic, fearless. Lionhearted, bold’ amongst others. Whilst Stalwart you'll see words such as ‘loyal, committed, steady, resolute, hard-working’ amongst many others. Our name is a testament to our work, we stand by it and pride ourselves on bringing the best representation to you and yours.