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We provide security personnel for all types of business and personnel, whether it’s retail, static security, door supervisor for licence bars, festivals or stewards. Our team work around the clock to create the best tailor made protection for you, we work to your request, but we also work alongside you. If there are measures that we believe will benefit you, we make sure to bring it to your attention, we are here to help as well as provide the best quality service to satisfy your needs.

Integrity and vigilance We've got you covered

Integrity and vigilance are extremely important to us here at Stallant Group, being honest and transparent is vital, it allows us to work closely with our customers. It also allows us to grow alongside the company, but further to that, honesty and transparency, llows us to work closely with customers to be aware of any potential issues that could occur, allowing us to deal with any potential issues whilst also allowing us to be able to best advice a number of scenarios and situations. We believe “prevention is better than cure”, this is why we work tirelessly to be able to provide the service that you need in order to uphold your business and have a peace of mind.

Above and beyond Customer satisfaction

We go above and beyond for each customer, it doesn’t matter the size of the business, we make sure that we are helpful to our customers, our results speak for themselves. We believe if we continue to keep providing excellent results alongside excellent customer services, our customers will vouch and continue to recommend us. Word of mouth is an extremely powerful tool, our results and presence speak for themselves. We remind our staff during every brief, what our name stands for, we stand by it, we stand for our beliefs and we continue to provide excellent security services as well as excellent customer services.